Storage Compare An Aggregator ?

Many self storage companies will not display their unit prices online, preferring to liaise with customers over the phone or the occasional email correspondence. This has led to an influx of storage aggregator companies coming in to this market. It’s understandable as customers don’t have time to research each individual storage company to ascertain if they’re getting the best deal to suit their specific requirements. The modern day customer wants the convenience for someone else to do all the hard work and present their findings, without the necessity to speak to a sales consultant and the stress that can cause.

The traditional aggregator company tries to capture displayed storage unit prices online and link these findings on to their own website. The problem with this method is obtaining the data, which tends to be very sparce and out of date. It can also be captured and displayed without the facilities permission, as revenue is generated through website landing page advertising. Alternatively some have a selected number of storage facilities, who agree to pay for advertising to receive enquiries. The problem with this model is having the right selection of storage companies in the right area to keep travelling distances to a minimum. Again it can be very hit and miss with uncompetitive unit pricing in the required location.

Storage Compare is a completely different business model. It’s more of a brokering and networking company than an aggregator, generating enquiries through recommendation, partnering companies and internet advertising. Our staff are experienced in the self storage industry and understand what’s required to assist the customer to find the right sized unit at the best deal.

We contact numerous self storage companies in the desired customer location and relay those exact findings back for their consideration. We do not charge the customer for our service, it’s totally FREE to use. We are completely impartial, making sure the best deal is captured for the benefit of the inquiring customer. Only when the customer moves in to the storage unit do we receive a small commission from the facility, for our extensive work to generate the inquiry through to a confirmed move-in. We do not advertise storage facility rates online, ensuring the right solution is tailored to our customers needs.The information provided by Storage Compare is completely current and up to date.

Storage Compare is a stress FREE service, saving our customers time and money. We are here to work with the self storage industry and it’s association, for the benefit of all customers. We’ve already received some tremendous feedback from our reserving customers about the company and our fantastic customer service.

To confirm, the definition of an Aggregator is:- “A person or organisation that collects information from the internet pages of other businesses and puts it on a single website”. Storage Compare is certainly not an aggregator, but a service provider operating for the benefit of it’s inquiring storage customers.