When it comes to renting a temporary storage unit for your belongings, there are many different factors to consider. It’s important to go beyond simple price and location comparisons to get to the root of the services that these facilities offer. Unfortunately, doing the necessary research to compare storage facilities in Brisbane takes much a lot of time. Since most people rent storage units when they are planning a move, a renovation or some other daunting project, ‘time’ might not be a luxury most of them have.

What to Consider When Renting a Storage Unit

What factors are important to consider before renting a storage unit? Here are a few of the details that most customers believe to be high priority:

  • Price: When comparing storage units in Brisbane, prices are always a factor that customers want to consider. The cost of a rental unit can add up if you need it for weeks or months at a time. Finding a facility that offers competitive rates is essential in some cases to adhere to a tight budget. After all, moves and renovations are processes that cost enough as it is.
  • Location: Location convenience is vital with any storage facility. You don’t want to have to drive an hour any time you want to check on your possessions. Finding a storage unit close to where you live or where you are moving will give you more flexibility with how you use or monitor your unit. For instance, when the time comes to remover remove your property from the unit and transport it to your new house, you might not even need to rent use a moving truck to do the job. Instead, you can make a few trips with your car or SUV and call it good. When you are only 5-10 minutes away from your storage facility, these back-and-forth journeys are a lot easier than they would be if the storage unit were an hour away.
  • Security: What are the security measures at the storage facility you’re considering? Are the units fenced? Do they use padlocks that can easily be cut, or do they utilise built-in locks that are more secure? Does the facility have a security guard? Camera surveillance? An alarm system for each unit? Asking these questions will help you find secure storage in Brisbane.
  • Climate control: Australia’s hot climate means that poorly insulated or non-climate controlled storage facilities are going to become very hot. If you are storing valuable art or other sensitive items, you will want to find a storage facility that offers climate controlled units.

Compare Storage Costs in Brisbane by Using Storage Compare

At Storage Compare, we make it easy to learn more about storage facilities without doing a huge amount of research. Our site offers recommendations based on your needs regarding price, location, size and more. From there, you can narrow down your options and then make follow up calls about factors such as security and climate control. You’ll never have to make a call asking about storage costs in Brisbane again!

Do you have any questions about how Storage Compare works? Feel free to get in touch with us directly.