One of the significant challenges of planning a move is figuring out how much space all your stuff is going to occupy once you’ve packed it. Whether you are renting a moving truck or shopping self storage units in Sydney, you do need to know this information.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t moved recently—or ever, for that matter—you might have a harder time estimating than you realise. Worst of all, there are consequences for guessing wrong. If you assess low, you end up with a truck or storage unit that can’t accommodate all your stuff. If you estimate high, you end up paying for more space than you need. Neither option is ideal.

Storage Compare: Helping You Choose the Right Self Storage Units in Sydney

At Storage Compare, we are aware of the various pain points that come with renting self storage in Sydney. Indeed, one of these pain points is picking (or finding) the right storage unit size to suit your needs.

Luckily, we can help on this front. Our experienced self-storage staff can estimate the most suitable unit size for your belongings. We generally know how much space is needed for a two-bedroom house versus a five-bedroom house—and so on. By speaking with you about your situation and the specific items you will be storing in your unit, we can figure out how much space you need. From there, we can find storage facilities that can meet your needs and then negotiate a great deal on your behalf.

Size isn’t the only factor we help customers deal with when it comes to temporary storage. For instance, many customers use us to compare storage prices in Sydney. Another common pain point of the self-storage shopping process is calling around to different facilities and asking about their rates. We can quickly collect different price quotes for you and present you with the best options to suit your requirements. Then, you can take the 3-4 facilities we have provided and do additional research to decide which option you prefer.

Of course, we can also help you find facilities that meet other requirements on your ‘must have’ list. For instance, you require a drive-up ground floor unit or if you want a storage facility that you will be able to access at any time—not just during the week or business hours—we can parse out detail these facilities that offer extended after-hours access.

Don’t Overspend on Your Storage Unit Because of a Sizing Snafu; Call Storage Compare for a More Exact Estimate

If you feel unsure about the size of storage unit you need for all your stuff, get in touch with Storage Compare today. We will help you save money by choosing the right size for your storage unit. We will also negotiate to get you the best storage Sydney prices available. Start by filling out our online quote form today.