Renting a storage unit can be expensive. Even if you only need the unit for a month or two while you get your affairs in order following a move, a renovation or a similar project, storage facilities in major markets such as Sydney aren’t usually cheap. So how can you find cheap storage solutions in Sydney without sacrificing quality, security, or location?

At Storage Compare, we have the answer. We work with customers to compare storage units based on your needs. You tell us how much space you need, your location and a few other details and we peruse the market to prepare a list of options for you. We also negotiate with the storage facilities directly, which means we can typically provide you with better deals than you would be able to get on your own.

Keeping Costs Down Across the Board

Storage Compare is a first of its kind business in the storage industry. However, we have quickly become a favourite resource, and not just for customers looking for cheap furniture storage in Sydney. On the contrary, our brand has caught on throughout Australia. Rapidly, we have developed a reputation for helping our customers save money on their moves.

We provide savings in a few different ways. Our key strategies we already discussed above. By making it easy for customers to compare the various options available to them, and by negotiating with storage facilities to offer better prices, we make it easier to find good deals in the traditionally expensive self-storage market.

We also offer savings in other forms, however. For instance, if you want to hire a removalist to help you move or transport your stuff to your storage unit, we can help you find a great deal on that front, too. Our connections and relationships in the industry go beyond storage facilities. We can also put you in touch with a real estate agent if you need someone to help you sell your house.

One sneaky expense during any move is the cost of packaging materials. As a general rule, you will always need more boxes, more tape, more packing paper and more bubble wrap than you think to pack up your house. At Storage Compare, we can sell you boxes at a significantly discounted rate and can even deliver them to your home for free!

Finally, we ensure cheap storage in Sydney by not charging you for the services we provide. That’s right: Storage Compare is entirely free for customers. We are paid by the storage provider once you book, which means you can take advantage of our price comparisons, negotiation chops and overall industry knowledge without spending a dollar.

Start Your Search for Cheap Storage in Sydney Today

If you are looking for cheap self storage in Sydney and are coming up empty handed, give us a call at Storage Compare. We would be honoured to help you find a quality, affordable solution for your next move.